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Joe is a multi award-winning composer, having won 3 Emmy’s, a Clio and 5 Telly awards.

He is one of the United States most experienced composers in the field of media music.

He has a proven track record for being able to satisfy clients on even the most demanding projects. Joe has worked for some of the biggest advertising agencies, television networks and companies in the world. To add to this impressive record his band Bonafide was voted most promising smooth-jazz artist in the US music industry.

Joe also gives Piano Lessons in, Bradenton Florida, to several private piano students who rely on me to teach how to play piano from beginners to advanced.

Teaching piano to a variety of students can be very challenging.

The piano teacher needs to evaluate each student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as learn about their personalities and their learning capabilities. The piano is an exquisite instrument and playing it offers a huge diversity of emotions, thoughts, and even personalities.

People express their inner selves, their souls, through music and playing the piano is among the oldest and most popular instruments around. The challenge of teaching beginners, whether children or adults can create a gap between the teacher and student thus, it affects the level of learning for the student. However, many piano lessons have proven effective and music teachers have succeeded in teaching even the less inclined student.

Well, this is because of the piano teaching methods that the teacher employs. Every student is different from the other and the piano teacher recognizes this fact. Therefore, it is completely necessary that the teacher tailor the teaching method according to the student.

This way, students digest lessons faster and easier and then retain them for much longer. Instead of sticking to a single piano teaching method, the wise teacher would search for the best method or combination of methods in order to maximize the student’s progress.

The following are among the best piano teaching methods in the music scene these days: Choosing a piano teacher for your child may require you to take several factors into consideration depending on your preferences; such as credentials, teaching styles and teaching methods.

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Piano teachers also vary in personality, have different rules and policies, and charge different fees. Here are steps on choosing the right piano teacher for your child. Determine the teaching method you want your child to learn from. Each piano teacher uses a different teaching method.

Some teachers will start with teaching your child how to read music before playing the piano and may use books and programs as guides. Other teachers may use the Suzuki teaching method, which focuses primarily on having your child watch, listen, and imitate the teacher. Inquire about the teacher’s musical background or teaching credentials.

Some teachers may have basic knowledge, whereas other teachers may be advanced enough to teach your child as lessons become more complex.

You may want to choose a teacher that can teach your child for an extended period of time. Look for a teacher with a personality suitable for your child. You may want to choose a teacher who is easy for your child to get along with and also makes them feel relaxed and at ease.

If the personalities in any way conflict between the teacher and your child, the lessons may not be as effective. I must take in all accounts to formulate a comprehensive plan for the student to be successful and develop their musical abilities with confidence.

If you live in or near, Bradenton Florida, and are seeking piano lessons, please feel free to contact me today.

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